Is Oriental Insurance Good for Car, Bike, Health and Claim Timings 2024

Is Oriental Insurance good: Oriental Insurance offers Low Premium across insurance segments but Customer faceed delays, rejections without clarity pro
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Oriental Insurance offers low premiums across insurance segments, such as health, motor, and commercial. However, customers frequently face claim settlement issues, such as delays, rejections without clarity, lack of documents, and unsupportive staff. The claim processing is opaque and frustrating and requires tremendous persistence from customers.  Here we are going to discuss briefly About Oriental Insurance good or Bad for bikes, Truck, Cars, and Health in 2024.

Is Oriental Insurance Good or Bad for Bikes (TwoWheeler)

is oriental Insurance Good

Oriental Insurance offers two-wheel insurance policies at relatively low premiums compared to private insurance providers. This attracts many customers looking for budget coverage. However, when it comes to claiming settlements, many users face difficulties and delays.

In one incident, a customer's bike silencer was damaged. However, Oriental Insurance refused to cover the replacement cost because the bike was temporarily repaired. The customer was not informed earlier that getting any repairs before filing the claim would result in rejection.

In another case, even after repeated calls and follow-ups, the claim was not settled for over 4 months. The customer eventually had to file a grievance with the national consumer helpline. Only after that, Oriental Insurance settled the claim but pay a lower amount than the actual damage.

Many customers have reported that staff attitudes during claims processing are arrogant and uncooperative. Claim surveyors take a long time to inspect damages and prepare assessment reports. Overall, although Oriental two-wheeler insurance premiums are affordable, the claim settlement process is frustrating. Customers must follow up repeatedly and still get low claim amounts or rejections on technical grounds.

Oriental Insurance Offers: Customer Feedback 2024

  • Premiums - Low premium rates compared to other insurance providers
  • Coverage - Basic third-party and own damage cover offered
  • Claims - Tedious process, delays, low settlements, uncooperative staff
  • Renewal - Low bonus for claim-free policies, high inspection charges
  • Verdict - Affordable plans but very poor claim experience Oriental Insurance for Four-Wheelers/Cars
  • Premiums - Relatively cheaper premiums than other private companies
  • Coverage - Offers add-ons like zero depreciation cover
  • Claims - High rejections, delays, lack of transparency
  • Renewal - Limited support and incentives for loyal customers
  • Verdict - Inadequate claim settlements outweigh upfront savings
Oriental Insurance offers affordable premiums for two-wheelers and cars, but the claim settlement process is highly frustrating and opaque for most customers.

Oriental Insurance is Good or Not for Card (Four Wheeler)

For four-wheeler insurance, Oriental Insurance car insurance premiums are cheaper than compared to other private companies. This attracts customers to purchase their policies.

However, during claim settlement, car insurance customers face a painful process. In one incident, the surveyor took 3 months just to assess the damaged car after an accident. Even after such delays, some damaged parts are still not approved for reimbursement.

In another case, a customer's car was badly damaged and needed to be declared as a total loss. However, the insurance surveyor falsely claimed that it was repairable and pressurized the customer to accept a lower repair-based settlement.

Overall, Oriental Insurance car insurance claim settlements involve delays, repeated follow-ups, rejection of legitimate expenses, inadequate assessment of damages, and lack of transparency. Customers are forced to accept lower payouts against the total losses. The staff also have an arrogant attitude and do not explain the reasons for claim rejection or delays.

Is Oriental Insurance Good or Bad for Commercial Vehicle

For commercial vehicles, such as trucks, Oriental Insurance offers insurance policies that also cover goods damaged during transit. Premiums are lower than other private insurance providers.

However, here too, the claim settlement process is tedious and frustrating for customers. Surveyors take a long time to inspect damaged trucks and assess costs. The staff is non-cooperative, and customers must follow up repeatedly for any progress on their claims.

In many cases, Oriental Insurance does not pay the full claim amount and customers end up bearing costs out of their pocket. These delays also cause a loss of business for truckers, as their vehicles remain non-operational during claims processing.

Is Oriental Insurance Good or Bad for Health (Cancer)

Oriental Insurance provides various health insurance plans with affordable premiums. However, policyholders face certain issues when making claims under these policies.

In one case, the customer underwent expensive cancer surgery. However, Oriental Insurance rejected the majority of the claim amount and approved only a small portion of the expenses. There were no clear reasons for rejecting this claim.

Customers have reported that repeated calls and emails to Oriental Insurance and its third-party administrators (TPA) for claim settlements go unanswered. Thus, there is a lack of transparency and resolution when the claims are rejected.

Overall, while Oriental health insurance premiums are low, claim settlements are not smooth. Customers must follow up extensively and continue to pay large amounts from their own pockets during hospitalization. TPAs also do not provide a proper explanation for partial or delayed claim settlements.

Best Alternative of Oriental Insurance In 2024

There are 10 top alternatives to Oriental Insurance for Bike and car insurance in 2024.

1. HDFC Ergo - Offers cashless garage network, depreciation cover, quick claim settlement.

2. Bajaj Allianz - Has an extensive workshop network, add-ons like zero depreciation, and efficient claims process.

3. TATA AIG - Provides additional covers, such as engine protectors and NCB retention, and claims handling is faster.

4. Reliance General - Has large partner garages, option for unlimited claims on own damage, and responsive claim assistance.

5. IFFCO Tokio - Additional covers for accessories, daily allowance etc. available. The claiming process is smooth and transparent.

6. ICICI Lombard - Cashless facility across many garages, depreciation covers, and simple claims with complete documents.

7. Bharti AXA - Offers roadside assistance, daily cash allowance, and quick claims support through a garage network.

8. SBI General–has add-ons such as zero depreciation, NCB protection, and efficient claim settlement processes.

9. Liberty General - Provides coverage for third-party property damage and emergency repairs, and has a simple claims process.

10. Future Generali - Has add-ons for invoice protection, daily allowance etc. Claim handling was faster and smoother.

Top insurance providers such as HDFC Ergo, Bajaj Allianz, and Tata AIG offer better features, wider garage networks, and smoother claims processes compared to Oriental Insurance. Their premiums may be slightly higher, but provide a much better overall experience.


In summary, across all lines of insurance such as motor, health, and commercial vehicles, Oriental Insurance offers policies with low premiums that attract customers. However, claim settlement is a major point of pain in most cases. Customers have to follow up extensively, claims are delayed or partially rejected without reason, surveyors take a very long time for assessment, and staff attitude is also non-cooperative. Thus, while the upfront policy cost is affordable, the claim settlement experience with Oriental Insurance can be frustrating for customers.

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