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It is believed that the Red Fox Labrador Retriever might seem like a crossbreed however, it's just an alteration in color of the standard Labrador Retriever. The name of the breed suggests that they look like a red fox, due to their distinctive coats. The coats of these dogs are that is darker than the typical yellow Lab with highlights of red throughout. This creates the reddish color of their fur that is distinct against other Labs. Red Fox Labrador Retrievers never have cream, black, or brown markings.

Red Fox Labs are known as loving, fun dogs who are eager to learn to be loved by their families. Their joyful personalities are as big like their athletic physiques. The dogs love to spend in the outdoors, and can become bored if left alone all day.

Height 21-23 inches
Weight 55-70 pounds
Life Span 10-14 years
Colors Darker yellow with reddish tones
Suitable for Families, singles, houses with yard, apartments with plenty of outdoor walking space
Temperament Highly intelligent, loyal, family-oriented, protective

But there is a possibility that this Red Fox Labrador Retriever does have a great time at home on their own when they're exercised regularly and spend time with their families. There's a lot to learn about this gorgeous breed of dog, so keep studying to know more about the benefits of owning the Red Fox Labrador Retriever.

Red Fox Labrador Retriever Puppies : Check Before You Buy

Red Fox Labrador Retrievers are packed with enthusiasm and love to learn, and they love getting involved in almost anything they can. You'll need to keep your shoes or slippers as well as important documents out of the reach of your puppy until they are properly trained.

Price of Red Fox Labrador Retriever Puppies?

There's some controversy about this breed of dog. Red Fox Labrador Retriever because certain breeders, owners and members of the club council think that the breed isn't an "true" Lab due to their unique hue. This is why they are Labs typically are sold at a lower price than brown, yellow and tan Labradors.

The positive side lies in the fact that Red Fox Labrador Retrievers are equally healthy, loving smart, loyal and loyal just like every other Labrador Retriever. Therefore, adopting one will reduce your expenses without sacrificing the character and nature that makes Labradors well-known.

Expect to pay anything from $800 to $1,200 when you adopt an Red Fox Labrador dog from breeders. However, there is a chance that you could be able find one of these adorable animals at the local animal shelter or at a no-kill shelter for less than the price. The shelter dogs need homes more than ever, and you'll do good for your pocket and your dog and the community in general by looking first at shelters.

Facts About Red Fox Labs

1. They Aren’t Foxes

Many people believe that they are the Red Fox Labrador Retriever is part fox due to its name. However, the reality is that they are a 100 percent Labrador Retriever. Like any other domesticated dog, these pups are part of the family, not in the wild.

2. They Aren’t Really Red

While red highlights could be visible on the coats of the Red Fox Labrador Retriever, they are in reality dogs are actually a darker hue of yellow. Many believe that they appear like orange, or bricks' colors. But the full coats of their coats don't really look red.

3. They’re Actually Quite Rare

Because they aren't as popular as Yellow Labrador as well as any color Lab in general it's not a top priority for breeders. Therefore, they are a rare breed. Red Fox Lab tends to be a scarce option in the overall market.

Temperament & Intelligence of the Red Fox Labrador Retriever

The one who is trained to work, Red Fox Labrador Retriever is an incredibly strong dog that can perform various tasks including retrieving ducks and fish as well as material hauling, the search for and rescue of scents and even guiding. Farm owners, hunters as well as military personnel, police as well as those who are elderly may find value by working with these dogs. The purebred dog can be found out doing and could spend an whole afternoon playing with children at the park. They're social whenever they get the chance to do so and are incredibly loyal to their families and their pack leader.

Although it is true that the Red Fox Labrador Retriever is typically calm by nature They don't like to play with food. Children and other animals should stay away from their food bowls to avoid fights and injuries. Each dog is unique in their levels of activity, however, owners should anticipate spending many hours each week outside enjoying time with their dogs.

They will make the most of any opportunity to enjoy a day out even if it's to clean up the yard with leaves. They are fond of camping as well as swim and go fishing. They also love a time on the sofa when the sun sets.

Dogs Good for Families?

Red Fox Labrador Retrievers are soft and gentle, which makes the perfect companions for young children. They aren't averse to being held or even having their ears pulled sometimes. Families of all sizes and ages are likely to have a blast sharing their lives with these dogs with a good temperament.

They'll play rough and rough with kids who are older and will hang out at your feet when you're at home working or watching a show. These dogs are able to manage family gatherings with ease and will never be a problem when it comes to playing with your family at the beach or in the park.

Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets?

A Red Fox Labrador Retriever generally is a great companion for other cats and dogs. They must be socialized from an early age, so that they are able to learn from and interact alongside other creatures, particularly older ones. As your puppy grows older will quickly be able to be a good friend to other pets that they do not live with. They'll most likely be most cherished companions with cats or dogs who are within the same home.

Food & Diet Requirements

Red Fox Labrador Retrievers do very well on a diet high in protein without fillers or artificial ingredients. It's recommended to pick an item that is specifically designed to be used by large-bred puppies, until they're about one year old. Then, any premium dog food that you can find is sufficient.

Puppies typically eat in greater quantities than grown dogs due to more calories and nutrients to develop strong joints, bones, and organs. Puppy dogs can consume anywhere from 1-to-3 cups per day to help support their rapidly expanding bodies. Adult dogs do not require as much highly concentrated nutrients as pups, which is why their food formulas differ and they could consume between 1 and two cups each day, based on the level of activity.


Although the majority of Labs are born by a lineage of working dogs, certain breeds require more physical exercise than others. A dog might prefer to go for a daily walk or just spend the entire day outside in the garden while another might enjoy a lengthy nap following a short stroll in the morning and later running around the home or outside for a couple of hours after.

In whatever level they are in whatever their activity level, each Red Fox Labrador Retriever expects to go for a walk and get out walks for a walk to "check the news" every day. In the morning, after noon or even as the sun goes down it is important to take regular strolls to make sure your dog satisfied. Even puppies love taking walks throughout the day!

In addition to the daily walks Along with daily walks, your Lab is likely to require daily activities to keep their senses and curiosity satisfied. Puzzle toys and playing games such as hide-and-seek are enjoyable and exciting indoor activities that your pet is bound to enjoy. Playing fetch in the backyard could never be a thing to turn down.


Labrador Retrievers are awe-inspiring when they receive the direction. They love discovering new tricks and delighting their families. But they need to be taught basic commands to obey from a young age in order to be able to recognize how they behave when they are in the family. A red Fox Labrador puppy is full of energy. If they're not able to channel this energy, the chances are you'll be frustrated as an Lab pet owner.

Training your dog to stay, sit and even come at most will make better-rounded, well-behaved dog that the entire family can enjoy. Red Fox Labrador Retrievers do exceptionally well in competitive agility as well as agility classes.

They can weave their way through poles, evade obstacles, and race through tunnels with the most efficient of them. Hunting, police, military and military training is definitely not out of realm with this dog breed. Training must be always in mind when you adopt one of these fun-loving , but tough-working dogs.


Red Fox Labrador Retrievers are easy to groom. They can benefit from a grooming each day in order to maintain the shed under control and keep your residence free of furballs the time gets longer. Labs are fond of rolling into things such as chicken poop or other undesirable substances, which is why they will require regular bathing.

They are known to be responsible for themselves with their nail trimmer because of their active lifestyle, even when their daily routine includes indoors. If pet owners aren't willing to commit to regular brushing, treats for the dental should be given frequently.

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